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Social Media Marketing

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Brand Awareness Social Media Marketing

Brand Awareness

At ICRM Software, we specialize in designing creative content that will engage your ideal brand audience. Branding is at the heart of every project we take on. We have teams of graphic designers, video editors, and copywriters who are dedicated to creating content that has an impact on social media. The content we produce has a higher likelihood of being shared, liked, mentioned, and followed on social media. Your brand message will be “stamped” on every piece of creative that we publish for your campaigns. Our digital marketing team will use your branded content to reach the maximum amount of people in your unique target audience. This method will maximize the brand exposure that your content has on social media.

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Audience Research Social Media Marketing

Audience Research

Through Audience Research on Social Media, businesses are able to gather information about who their audience is, what they are looking for, and if they are satisfied with the offering. Our process with Audience Research usually begins with analyzing your current following and your potential following. If your business is new to social media, we can also use our tools to see hidden statistics on the following of your top competitors. After we determine your audience Demographics, Psychographics and Geographics, we will then research what topics are currently trending among that audience.

Audience Research helps businesses be informed and engaged on Social Media. We can gather the necessary data to assess what content will most engage your target audience. Audience Research also plays an integral role in determining the number of people who will view your posts and what paid ad strategy will be most effective for your brand.

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Customer Service Social Media Marketing

Customer Service

The internet presents an interesting dynamic to modern-day businesses. There are benefits and drawbacks with social media – a double-edged sword scenario. The benefit is that customers can provide feedback in real-time, and share positive communication with their personal networks. The drawback is that sometimes the feedback can be negative. It is extremely important for negative feedback on social media to be addressed quickly and thoughtfully.

One great feature which ICRM Software can set up on your Social Media is automated chatbots. Chatbots are becoming more popular on Social Media because they are great for providing users answers to commonly asked questions. The use of automated chatbots in Social Media Customer Service will dramatically decrease your human capital expenditure and expedite communication with potential customers.

ICRM Software also offers Social Media Community Management with all of our social media packages. With this service, we will handle responding to all comments, as well as outreach to other brands or influencers.

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Competitive Analysis Social Media Marketing

Competitive Analysis

ICRM Software starts every new social media project with a comprehensive competitor analysis. This analysis includes metrics such as: how many followers your competitors have across social, what is the average user engagement rate with posts, how often your competitors are posting, and much more. We are also able to see which of your competitors’ social posts are performing best. Using this information, we are able to structure campaigns that have a proven track record of success. The strengths of your competitors are important, but even more important are their weaknesses. For example, if we see that one of your competitors has a very low Instagram following and engagement, we will recommend an aggressive Instagram campaign to dominate that segment of social media.

We keep a close eye on your competitors during the campaigns as well. This is important because by doing this, we will be able to spot new trends in the market. Our goal with Social Media Marketing is to always stay 3 steps ahead of your competitors.

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Increase Sales Social Media Marketing

Increase Sales

We understand that all the likes, followers, and shares do not mean anything unless people are actually purchasing your products or services. This is why we constantly track and measure the results of our social media campaigns. We measure the results on a daily basis and provide you a report on your Return-On-Investment (ROI). This method is known as Conversion Tracking. We will link your social accounts to Google Analytics to see how social traffic is interacting with your website. We also use call tracking software and live chat tracking software to determine how many leads are coming from social media. Every user that submits a form, calls, or chats, is known as a “conversion” in digital marketing terminology. By measuring your conversions from social, we are able to see which campaigns are most successful, and from which platform they are coming from.

By using social media conversion statistics, Lounge Lizard is able to prove that the campaigns are working and that sales are increasing as a direct result of social media efforts.

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Looking for the ultimate strategy to speak directly to the people who matter the most to your business? We’ve got the solution you’re looking for.

Social media marketing is the best, most productive way to engage with your customers in real-time—whether it’s joining conversations or tapping into cultural events as they’re happening, social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools your brand can utilize to connect with your core audience while expanding your online presence.

At ICRM Software, we proudly work with brands and businesses to create comprehensive, customized social media marketing and management services that span owned, earned, and paid media. Why? Because we’re committed to helping businesses craft dynamic campaigns that are designed to speak to the perfect people, on the perfect platform, at the perfect time.

Partner with us to seamlessly combine audience insights, data-driven tactics, targeted messaging, and creative strategies from our in-house talent. Connect with your target audience and propel your brand on social media like never before with cross-platform social media management and marketing services from ICRM Software.

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Pricing Packages

Standard Plan

Target audience with advertisements

₹5,000/- Per Month

₹5,000/- Billed Monthly

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  • 01 Campaign creation
  • Audit and research
  • Content copyright
  • Creative design
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Facebook and Instagram

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Professional Plan

Build relationships by targeting and retargeting audiences

₹9,999/- Per Month

₹9,999/- Billed Monthly

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  • Upto 02 Campaign creation
  • Audit and research
  • Content copyright
  • Creative design
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Retargeting campaign

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