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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy (Ver 1.0)

Name of the Data Controller: ICRM Software Pvt Ltd.

Version No: 1.0

Date of drafting/Revision: 20th February 2020

Document confidentiality level: For public distribution through the website and other channels

Document owner: Aakash Sethi

Document owner’s designation: Director at ICRM Software Pvt Ltd.

Document owner’s email:


Cookie Policy And Preferences

On your first visit to this Website, you were asked (by a notification banner) to accept our use of cookies and similar technologies and we'd like to explain how we use these technologies.

To learn about what cookies and similar technologies are, we recommend that you visit the following third-party website:

Like many websites, we use cookies for a variety of purposes. Some cookies are necessary for the functionality of the Website, others log data about your device hardware and your interaction with our Website.

We use cloud-based servers hosted by third-party service providers (which may be located outside the EEA) to collect Website traffic information.


On this Website we use:

Functional Cookies

These cookies are required for basic Website functionality and are therefore always enabled. For instance, when you exit our cookie banner a cookie is dropped on your device reminding your browser not to re-serve this pop-up box when you later visit this Website.

Performance Cookies

Analytics We use Google Analytics to collect information about how visitors use and interact with

our Website. The cookies collect information about:

• the number of visitors to our Website,

• the pages or content with the most traffic,

• approximately where in the world you are visiting the Website from; and

• how you have found our Website e.g. from a direct search; link on a third-party website; or link in one of our emails.

We use this information to help improve the Website, for instance by prioritizing updates of the most read content or the most used functionality.

Content Testing

If we are working on updates to our Website we occasionally display original content to some visitors and updated content to other visitors to help us assess which version best optimizes the user experience. When we do this we drop a cookie on your device to remember which version of the page you were served.

Advertising Cookies & Social Media Cookies

Sometimes we pair up with social media and advertising partners such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn who drop cookies on your device when you visit our Website in order to remember that you have looked at our Website/expressed an interest in our products ("Third-party cookies"). This means that when you later visit these third-party websites or visit a website that has agreed to host adverts for our online advertising platform, the adverts displayed to you are more tailored to your apparent interests. If you click on these adverts they will re-direct you back to our Website.

Our third-party partners may pass us information about the total number of views, shares, and click-throughs these adverts have received.

Conversion Tracking

In order to see how successfully our marketing campaigns or other website goals are performing we sometimes use conversion pixels, which fire a short line of code to tell us when you have clicked on a particular button on our Website or reached a particular page (e.g. a thank you page once you have completed the procedure for downloading content or have completed one of our forms).

Unless otherwise specified the above cookies remain when you close your browser.