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Email Marketing Automation

ICRM Software is the full-service digital marketing agency you've been waiting for.


Content Marketing Strategy That Keep Your Audience Engaged Email Marketing Automation

Content Marketing Strategy That Keep Your Audience Engaged

We build your brand image with an engaging content marketing strategy that helps you gain customer's trust and builds a relationship with the prospects who are ready to buy and sell.

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Get Your Newsletter Delivered Directly To The Recipient’s Inbox Email Marketing Automation

Get Your Newsletter Delivered Directly To The Recipient’s Inbox

We warm up your email content, sending domain, SMTP server, and increase your email delivery rate by creating SPAM-free email templates and ensure your newsletter is delivered directly to the recipient's inbox.

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Real-time Campaign Monitoring Email Marketing Automation

Real-time Campaign Monitoring

See how your recipients are interacting with your email campaigns with ICRM Mailbooster's real-time campaign monitoring feature and know who opened, clicked, unsubscribed, and submitted the lead form.

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Landing Pages With Customizable Dynamic Lead Forms Email Marketing Automation

Landing Pages With Customizable Dynamic Lead Forms

We design interactive landing pages with customizable lead forms that help us collect interested buyer's information.

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Gather data for retargeting campaigns Email Marketing Automation

Gather data for retargeting campaigns

We install Pixel on the landing page to collect audience data who clicked on your email campaigns and visited your landing page. So that you can retarget your audience with social media advertising.


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A hyper-personalized email marketing strategy catches consumers at every stage of the funnel.

Our lifecycle marketing processes use careful audience segmentation. This means that users receive only the most relevant and targeted information. It allows you to move leads and consumers further down your engagement process while leaving them happy and interested.

There’s a lot that goes into a strong email: relevant copy and messaging, strategic design, etc. But before we can even start thinking about the “pretty stuff,” a thoughtful strategy has to be put together. The first step in a strategic email campaign is identifying all of the different scenarios that consumers could enter. To do that, you need to know your audience inside and out.

We develop strategic form-fills so that when you capture users’ information, you have everything you need to segment the audience. Then, we finalize your business goals and objectives, determining which action we want the audience to take. Only then do we start production, structuring emails to reflect your goals and engage your audience. We also develop targeted landing pages, so that when users click through the email they’re brought to highly focused content.

We believe data tells the best story. We use A/B testing to methodically determine which messages resonate the most with your audience. We also track and use analytics tools to continually optimize the strategy. Through this, we gain a strong understanding of user behavior, which allows us to refine the algorithms that support the campaign. We find the best time, frequency, and content to send to your audience, strengthening your campaigns and improving your results. 

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Pricing Packages

Professional Plan

A better plan for small businesses and startups

₹50,000/- Per Month

₹50,000/- Billed Monthly

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  • Up To 20 Campaigns
  • Upto 50k database
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • SPAM Free Email Content
  • Email Template Design
  • Landing Page Development
  • Lead Email Alert
  • Separate Account Manager
  • Real-time Campaign Monitoring
  • Pixel Tracking For Retargeting Ads
  • Free ICRM Mailbooster
    (standard plan of ICRM Mailbooster free with this plan)

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